Geysa Heyer became a Dutch citizen

Geysa married a German engineer in her country of birth, Brazil, and together with him and their son she moved to the Netherlands 14 years ago. 'In order to feel at home, it is important to connect with the people here.'

 Geysa feels at home in The Hague

Geysa grew up in Bela Horizonte, the third capital of Brazil. She lives in the Statenkwartier in The Hague. Geysa: 'When I first came to the Netherlands I knew nothing about the country. I was completely confused. In our family we spoke Portuguese and German - and now Dutch as well. I took language courses straight away and tried as much as possible to get into contact with people. Apart from the social aspect, it is a great way to learn the language.'

On 15 December, Geysa was granted Dutch nationality in the city hall of The Hague. 'I was surprised to find that a party had been organised, including drinks, music and a speech from the city councillor. This is a very good thing.'

Geysa has fully found her way in The Hague. 'The city is safe, I can go outside on my bike. That was quite different in Brazil, where I did everything by car. Shops, culture, the park, everything you need is right here. In my experience, the Dutch are sympathetic towards foreigners. The people here are open and flexible - I truly feel at home in The Hague.'