Anneke: ‘Your application is approached with an open mind’

Anneke's partner came to the Netherlands.
Anneke​"I had a 100% positive experience with the IND. All the times we were in contact with the staff members of the IND, it was both equally businesslike as it was friendly. And that was most pleasant, as the laws and regulations are by times very complex. My friend John, from Australia, and I met each other again after many years and decided that we wanted to stay together. This meant that we had to get a residence permit for him. I had to act as his sponsor, which was not a problem with what I earned.


The funny thing is I can compare the service of the IND. Because a few years later, when John was missing his country, we got a residence permit for me in Australia. That turned out to be quite different as opposed to here. Australia is flooded with people who want to live there, we have spent many a time in overcrowded waiting areas. The procedure there took 2 years in total.

The residence permit for John here was handled within a couple of months and, in addition, it was much cheaper than in Australia. However, I now do have "permanent residency" in Australia, with all the same rights and obligations as people with an Australian passport. John has a residence permit for 5 years and he stands to lose his residence status if he stays outside the Netherlands for longer than a certain amount of time per year.

But, I have nothing but praise for the staff members of the IND. Your application is approached with an open mind. Everyone was friendly, from beginning till end. Even at the very last moment when John could collect his residence document, there was much flexibility. Is the collection date not convenient? Then why not come at another time? It was possible at the desk here, and there, and at the head office. We could choose, and we chose Rijswijk.

We were punctually and warmly welcomed. Everyone was also very enthusiastic about John. Yes, I am certainly very lucky to have a man who always makes jokes. On top of which, the Dutch have a weak spot for Aussies!"