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What is an independent income?

‚ÄčAn independent income is an income that you earn yourself. Or a benefit for which you have earlier paid premiums. You will now read more information on the independence of each type of income.

‚ÄčIncome from work in paid employment

Income from work in paid employment is independent when your employer takes taxes and benefit contributions out of your pay check.

Income from work as a self-employed person

Do you work as a self-employed person or freelancer? Then your income is independent when you pay taxes on the profit from your company.

Income from a personal care budget

A personal care budget (persoonsgebonden budget, pgb) is a payment from the government to persons that need long-term care. These persons can themselves buy care with this payment. Do you work for a person with a pgb? And are you paid from this pgb? Then the administration for the pgb should be completely outsourced to Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB).  

Income from a benefit received

A benefit is only an independent income when you have paid taxes and benefit contributions on it. This applies to the following benefits:

  • unemployment benefit;
  • sickness benefit;
  • incapacitated benefit (benefit for being unfit for work);
  • AOW benefit (Dutch old age benefit).

Benefits that are paid from public funds are not an independent income. This applies for example to a social security benefit (bijstand), benefit from the Dutch Participatiewet or a Wajong benefit (benefit for young people with a disability).

Income from own funds

Income from own funds is for example:

  • dividend on shares and bonds;
  • interest on savings;
  • profit on investments.

The own funds itself are not income, only the income you receive from the own funds. The source of the own capital may not be affected. This means the own capital, for example your savings, may not decrease. This income is independent when you have paid taxes on it.

Other income

Do you have another income? Please contact the IND.

Residence permit study or scientific researcher

Do you have a residence permit for study or for work as a scientific researcher? And do you apply for a residence permit for your family member? You can show your income the same way you have done in your own application. You have, for example, a scholarship, money on your bank account, or you receive money from a financier in the Netherlands or from abroad. You do have to show you have enough money for yourself and your family.