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Condition for a residence permit: income

​You want to apply for a residence permit. One of the conditions for this residence permit is that you have income. On this page you will read the income requirements.

The income requirements are:

  1. You earn an independent income: this is an income for which you have paid taxes and social security contributions.
  2. Your income is sustainable: this means that you receive your income for a longer period.
  3. You have sufficient income: this means that your income is high enough.

The requirements are now explained further.

1. You earn an independent income

An independent income is an income that you earn yourself and for which you have paid taxes and social security contributions. Read if you income is independent.

2. Your income is sustainable

Your income is sustainable when you will still receive it for another 12 months on the day the IND receives your application. Read the page When is my income sustainable? for more information on the sustainability of your income.

3. You have sufficient income

The amount you have to earn, is called the required amount. The required amount equals the statutory minimum wage. Or 70% of the statutory minimum wage when you are single or a single parent. The statutory minimum wage and the required amount change every 6 months, on 1 January and 1 July. Check the required amount for you. And read how the required amount is calculated for your income.

You may add up different incomes to meet the required income

You can, for example, add up income from different employers. Or a salary in paid employment and profit from your own company. Each income should, however, meet the requirements for that income. All incomes together should at least equal the required amount.