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Legal obligations of the foreign national

​When you come to the Netherlands, you must meet several legal obligations. This concerns the obligation to provide information. This page explains what this obligation means for you.

Obligation to provide information

The obligation to provide information means that you must inform the IND about changes to your situation which may affect your residence permit.

Which information?

During the procedure

This is before you collect the regular provisional residence permit (mvv). Or before you collect the residence permit, if you don't need an mvv.

  • You must report changes that influence the procedure or the IND's decision. For example:
  • You no longer wish to come to the Netherlands.
  • Your address has changed.
  • You want to collect your mvv from a different embassy.
  • You are no longer able to meet the conditions for the residence permit that you applied for.

After having collected the mvv or residence permit

You must report changes that may affect your right of residence. For example:

  • You have applied for social welfare benefits.
  • You no longer meet the conditions of your residence permit.
  • You are working even though you are not allowed to work or the type of work is not allowed under this type of residence permit.
  • You moved but did not notify the municipality on time.
  • You have left or are going to leave the Netherlands.


Mvv not yet collected

Immediately report a change to the IND, by letter.

Do you have a recognised sponsor in the Netherlands? Report the details of the change to your sponsor. Your sponsor will then report the change to the IND.

Mvv or residence permit collected

Report a change to the IND within 4 weeks. Please use the notification form for foreign nationals. Is your change not indicated on the reporting form? In that case, please explain the change in a separate letter. Send this letter to the IND, enclosed with the reporting form.

Reporting a change of address to the municipality

Are you going to move house in the Netherlands or migrate outside of the Netherlands? If you have notified the municipality (BRP) on time that you are going to move/emigrate, it is not necessary to also report this to the IND. On time means either before you move/emigrate or within 4 weeks following the relocation. The IND will then be notified by the municipality.


The IND monitors your compliance with these legal obligations. When you do not meet these legal obligations you can get a warning or an administrative fine.

Do you not have a sponsor? And are you removed from the Netherlands by the Dutch government? The IND may oblige you to pay the cost of this compulsory departure.