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Biometrics appointment: passport photo, signature and fingerprints

You have received a letter from the IND that says the IND needs your passport photo, signature and/or fingerprints. We use this data to create your residence document. On this page, you can make an appointment to visit an IND desk.

Appointment necessary

  • For every new application you submit, the IND needs new biometrics from you.

  • You are over 1 year old and have never had a residence document from the IND. Your biometrics have not been taken before by the Dutch representation abroad, or the police or the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar) during an asylum application.
  • You have had a residence document before, but you have since become 6, 12 or 18 years old. You must have new fingerprints taken, because they change as you grow older.
  • It says in your letter that your passport photo, signature and/or fingerprints are missing or are not good enough.

After staying in very high risk area

Have you just come from a country or region where the risk of coronavirus infection is very high? Please stay at home (self quarantine) and schedule your appointment after this period. 

Make online appointment

Photo form by post

Is the residence document for a child under 1 year old? Then please always use the Appendix Passport photo form to send a passport photo of the child to the IND by post. The passport photo which you send must be taken by a photographer. Read more about requirements for the passport photo.


Providing biometrics is free of charge.

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​The IND has several locations in the Netherlands. Please check directions for all IND desks.

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​Residents of Limburg may be able to make an appointment at the Expat Centre Maastricht Region.

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​Are you unable to attend?
Cancel your appointment using the link in the email confirming your appointment.