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Appointment DNA test

Please note! It is currently not possible to make an appointment. For the latest information on the coronavirus and IND services, please visit ind.nl/en/coronavirus.

​Why does the IND offer you a DNA test?

Family members who want to come to the Netherlands have to prove their identity and their (family) relationship with you in the Netherlands. This can be done by means of (official) documents, such as a passport or birth certificate. If these documents are not sufficient or missing through no fault of your own, the IND could offer you a DNA test. You will then receive a DNA letter from the IND.

What is a DNA test?

Everyone passes unique characteristics (DNA) on to their children. Therefore, parents and their children partly have the same DNA. The test compares your DNA with that of your family members.
A mouth swab is taken from you and your family members by using a special swab. This procedure is not painful and is not injurious to one’s health.

When can I make an appointment?

Your family members must make an appointment to have their DNA taken at the Dutch embassy. After they went to the embassy, they must inform you immediately. You then make an appointment for yourself (and your biological family members in the Netherlands) at the IND desk in Utrecht. You can only make an appointment if you have received a DNA letter from the IND.


Other important information


You will not be charged for this procedure.

DNA test step by step

  1. Your identity is being determined.
  2. A mouth swab is taken from the inside of your cheek. This is done by using a special swab.
  3. The DNA material is investigated by the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). This may take a few weeks.​
  4. The NFI sends the result of the DNA test to the IND.

Possible results of the test

  • A DNA test can determine (with certainty) that you are the father or mother of a child.
  • ​A DNA test can determine (with certainty) that you are not the father or mother of a child.
  • If the DNA test is performed on both parents, it could become clear that one of them is not the biological parent of the child.

Please note! A DNA test is not being conducted on foster children or adopted children.

What happens with the test results?

​The IND will consider the results of the DNA test in the decision on your application for family reunification. The DNA taken and the pertaining data are destroyed 6 months after the results of the test. These data will not be used for other purposes.


​In case of a negative result from the DNA test you can have a counter-inquiry carried out by a different laboratory. This is called a countercheck. This countercheck must be carried out by a laboratory which has been recognised by the Dutch Accreditation Council RVA for carrying out DNA relationship tests. You can check whether a laboratory has been recognised by using the search tool on the website of the Dutch Accreditation Council (RVA). You must pay the costs of a countercheck yourself.

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​​Please check contact for directions to the IND desk in Utrecht.

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​​Are you unable to attend?
Cancel your appointment using the link in the email confirming your appointment.