Submit Woo request

Do you want to submit a Woo request to the IND? This can be done in two ways.

By post

You can submit your Woo request by letter:

Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)
attn woo coordinator
PO Box 11

By e-mail

You can submit your Woo request by emailing it to

What is a Woo request

This is a request to make information recorded in documents about administrative matters public. The information can be about the policy of an administrative body or about its preparation and implementation. The Open Government Act (in Dutch; Wet Open Overheid or Woo) (formerly known as; Government Information (Public Access) Act (In Dutch; Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur or Wob)) regulates the handling and assessment framework of such requests. Anyone can submit a request to the IND.


A Woo request has no formal requirements, but must meet the following three criteria:

  • It states as precisely as possible what information is requested;
  • It must concern information recorded in documents;
  • It must concern information available to its administrative authority.

If it is not clear to the IND whether a Woo request meets the criteria, then we will ask you for more information. In that case, the processing of the request will be suspended until the extra information has been received. For the fastest possible settlement, it is important that you can be reached and that you make your contact details known to the IND.

Public to everyone

Information that is made public due to a Woo decision will be made accessible to everyone. The IND aims to publish the anonymised Woo decisions together with the published documents, as soon as possible, after sending out the Woo decision.