The IND wants to warn you about phone scams (‘spoofing’)

Last update: 24 February 2023

Lately, individuals have been pretending to be IND employees on the phone, but are in reality after your data or money. Fraudsters misuse the number +31 88 043 0430 of the IND's customer information center (in Dutch: Klantinformatiecentrum or KIC) for this purpose. Because of spoofing, the person being called sees this number. This makes it seem as if you are talking to an IND employee. But in reality it is fraud.

What can you do?

Be alert when it comes to phone scams. The IND never calls with the phone number of our client information center visible on the screen. Also, our employees never call you to ask to transfer money. In addition, our employees do not use a forceful, aggressive tone when on the phone with you.

Are you a victim of phone scams?

Are you not sure about the intentions of someone claiming to be an IND employee on the phone? Please contact us on +31 88 043 0430. We will then register your report. Are you a victim of (attempted) phone scams? Then you can report this to the police.