First thousand files of IND's backlog processed

Last update: 3 June 2020

‚ÄčAs we speak, IND staff have processed around 1000 files of the 'old stock' of asylum cases in the past two months (reference date 1 April). The aim for the task force is to process over 14,000 overdue asylum applications by the end of this year, even though the consequences of the corona crisis have to be taken into consideration. To achieve this, a lot must still be done in the upcoming months. Today, minister Broekers-Knol of Justice and Security explained the tasks and progress of the task force to the House of Representatives.

Staff support
IND staff already started processing the first batch of files from the task force stock in March. This was possible because of the decrease in influx of asylum seekers, caused by the travel restrictions of the corona crisis. The coming months, 180 IND staff members will also be available to the task force (160 interviewers and decision officers and 20 staff members for support, planning and coordination).

In addition, the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) has made 40 people available and currently, 250 interviewers and decision officers are being recruited.

The first group of staff coming from the DT&V are starting their training tomorrow. One of them is Brigitte, from Venlo, coordinator at the Baexem reception centre. Brigitte has a background as a lawyer and hopes to deepen her legal knowledge of the asylum process through her work for the task force. 'In principle, we'll be trained in two weeks. We start by e-learning, subsequently followed by a physical meeting. My strength is my experience in conducting interviews, so I can get started as an interviewer.'

Sharma is a senior administrative assistant at the Amsterdam DT&V office. She will prepare files for the task force. Sharda is an IND veteran. Before she switched to the DT&V in 2007, she had been working at the Supervision and Repatriation department in Hoofddorp for 10 years. 'It is now rather quiet at my work, and I'm in need of a new challenge. I want to keep stimulating myself. At the time, the IND was a nice employer to me and you never know how things will turn out.'

Other subjects
Other subjects addressed in the meeting with the House of Representatives were: Additional reception places for asylum seekers; Information about the state of affairs of the Inspectorate investigation 'Removal to Bahrein;' Settlement of the Final Regulation for long-term resident children; and the Greek-Dutch cooperation on improving the situation of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in Greece.