Expat centres opening again step by step

Last update: 2 June 2020

​As a result of the corona measures, expat centres were closed the past few weeks. From this week the expat centres will open again. Not all at the same time, but in steps.

Some will already start providing services again this week and the rest of the expat centres will open their doors again later in June. There is however an important difference. You can only go to the IND on appointment. You do not have to do anything for this yourself. A staff member of the expat centre or the IND will contact you to make an appointment.

The expat centres will not immediately be open on all working days. For the time being the opening hours are limited to a few days or sessions per week. In the next few weeks the organisations cooperating in the asylum process (expat centres, municipalities and the IND) will see if and how they can extend the opening hours. The necessary safety measures for clients and staff members have been taken at all locations:

- plexiglass at the desk and in the interview rooms;
- lines indicating the walking route (one-way traffic);
- one and a half metre markings;
- disinfecting hand gel and cloths are available;
 - a maximum has been set on the number of clients that can be present at the location at the same time.