Assessment consequences of loss of Dutch nationality

Last update: 15 June 2020

Former Dutch nationals who have lost Dutch nationality and EU citizenship since 1993 may now be able to reobtain it. An online tool helps this group of Dutch people to determine whether they have really lost their Dutch nationality. In that case, they can apply for a so-called review of proportionality.

Everyone who has Dutch nationality also is an EU citizen. EU citizenship makes it possible for you to travel and live freely on EU territory and for you to work there, among other things. If you lose Dutch nationality, this means that you could possibly lose EU citizenship as well. You will then no longer have the possibility of free travel, living, and working within the EU.

Council of State
On 12 February 2020 and 20 May 2020, the Council of State ruled that the Dutch central government must investigate what the concrete consequences are if someone loses EU citizenship.

Review of proportionality
If the central government decides that the consequences of the loss of EU citizenship are disproportionate, you will retroactively become a Dutch national again. This investigation and decision by the central government are called the review of proportionality.

More information
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