Naturalisation or option: positive decision

​You have received a letter with a positive decision on your application for naturalisation or option. This letter does not yet mean that you are immediately a Dutch citizen. You can read here what still has to happen before you are a Dutch citizen.

Royal Decree Dutch citizenship

According to the IND you meet all conditions to become a Dutch citizen. This decision will be forwarded to the King of the Netherlands. The King has to place his signature on the Royal Decree Dutch citizenship (Koninklijk besluit Nederlanderschap). By doing so he gives official permission to give you Dutch nationality.

You will go to the naturalisation ceremony

The naturalisation ceremony is obligatory. You will become a Dutch citizen only if you go to the naturalisation ceremony.  Municipalities organise naturalisation ceremonies. In this way, the municipality celebrates together with you that you have become a Dutch citizen. But during the naturalisation ceremony attention is also paid especially to the meaning of Dutch nationality. 

Within 1 year to the naturalisation ceremony

You have to go to the naturalisation ceremony within 1 year after the decision. Will you not do so? Then you will not get Dutch nationality. And you have to apply for naturalisation again.

Declaration of Solidarity

During the ceremony you will make a Declaration of Solidarity. By making the Declaration of Solidarity you declare that you know the laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands also apply to you. Afterwards you will receive proof that you have become a Dutch citizen: the naturalisation decision or the option confirmation.

Also obligatory for children 16 years of age and older

Was your child 16 years of age or older when the application for naturalisation was submitted? In that case you child is also required to attend the naturalisation ceremony. Is your child under 16 years of age? Then your child does not have to go to the ceremony, but may do so if they wish.

Applying for a passport

Did you go to the naturalisation ceremony? And have you received the naturalisation decision or the option confirmation? You can then apply to your municipality for a Dutch passport.

Did you have a foreigner's or refugee's passport? You must hand it in when you receive your Dutch passport.

Renouncement of nationality

Have you become a Dutch citizen? And have you stated with your application for naturalisation that you will renounce your other nationality? You must then renounce your other nationality. You can often do this at the embassy or consulate of that country in the Netherlands. 

Naturalisation of your child after you have become a Dutch citizen

Was your child not naturalised together with you? After you yourself have become a Dutch citizen you can still apply for naturalisation for your child. This is called subsequent naturalisation.

Conditions for subsequent naturalisation of a child

Conditions for subsequent naturalisation of a child born during your naturalisation procedure

Subsequent naturalisation of a child born during your procedure is free if you make the application within 1 year after you yourself became a Dutch citizen.