Interpreting for the IND

Would you like to interpret for the IND? Find out more here.

Sworn interpreter

Have you been registered as a sworn interpreter in the Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (in Dutch: Register beëdigde tolken en vertalers or RBTV) and would you also like to interpret for the IND?  Then fill in the intake form and send your CV to

Not a sworn interpreter yet?

Are you not a sworn interpreter yet, but are you considering a career in interpreting – and would you also like to work for the IND? Then find out more here. 

The law obliges the IND to use interpreters who have been registered in the RBTV (Section 28 Sworn Court Interpreters and Translators Act, WBTV). However, for some languages there are few or no registered interpreters. In those cases, the IND can also deploy interpreters who have not been sworn in.  

Do you speak one of these languages: 

  • Bengali
  • Chimini (Baraawa)
  • Dendi 
  • Zarma
  • Edo
  • Fon
  • Pidgin English (all variants)
  • Shona
  • Yoruba

 And do you meet these requirements: 

  • Dutch nationality or right of residence in the Netherlands and a work permit;
  • professional and intellectual ability of at least level 4 MBO;
  • good, active and current knowledge of Dutch (at at least NT2 level, programme 2, for all skills) and the foreign language;
  • awareness of the expected interpreting attitude and relevant interpreting experience;
  • good general education and knowledge of relevant terminology in both languages;
  • good knowledge of and insight into the culture of the country or countries where the foreign language is spoken;
  • ethical conduct and impeccable character (certificate of conduct, profile 80)

Then we invite you to respond as well. Fill in the intake form and send your CV to

After receipt of the intake form and enclosures, the Interpreters Coordinator will contact you for the further procedure.

Important documents

-    Intake form (pdf) (only in Dutch available)
-    Code of Conduct IND interpreters (pdf) (only in Dutch available)
-    Explanation interpreters (pdf) (only in Dutch available)