How do you become a Dutch citizen

​​Those who do not have Dutch nationality by birth, have two ways of becoming a Dutch citizen.

The fastest and least expensive way is via the option procedure. It is therefore recommended to first check if someone meets the conditions for option. Foreign nationals who become a Dutch citizen via the option procedure, for example, do not have to give up their own nationality. Nor do they have to pass the civic integration examination. And the costs for this procedure are also lower than the costs for the naturalisation procedure. The Mayor decides if someone meets the conditions for option.

Those who do not qualify for the option procedure, can start a naturalisation procedure. The municipality then draws up a recommendation for the IND and sends it, together with the naturalisation application, to the IND. The IND makes the ultimate decision. If someone meets the conditions, the IND will inform him of this in a letter. The letter states that a proposal to grant Dutch citizenship has been presented to the King.

The IND handles about 25,000 naturalisation applications per year.

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Naturalisation Day

All new Dutch citizens will receive an invitation from the municipality to join the naturalisation ceremony. This ceremony is held in every municipality on 15 December, Naturalisation Day: the celebration for new Dutch citizens .