Enforcement and fraud

​​A husband who wants to bring his wife to the Netherlands and deliberately gives wrong information about his income, so as to meet the income requirement.

A foreign national who makes use of false or forged documents and pretends to be someone else. Or a foreign national who applies for a residence permit to study, but who, in actual fact, comes to the Netherlands to work.

These are examples of the way people commit fraud in order to get or to keep a residence permit or Dutch citizenship. Identity and document fraud are the most frequent amongst the various forms of fraud.

Tackling fraud and migration-related crimes by the IND

There are special teams within the IND that are responsible for the preventive monitoring of fraud and abuse. They work together in this with other organisations, such as municipalities, police, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and Inspectorate SZW. An important part of their work consists of collecting, registering and analysing observations of fraud, abuse and migration-related crime (human trafficking and smuggling amongst others) in-house as well as of the outside world.


If the IND establishes that a foreign national or sponsor has committed fraud or abuse, the IND can take measures. The IND can, for example, reject an application for a residence permit or a naturalisation application, or revoke a residence permit that was already granted. Furthermore, when a criminal offence has been established, such as fraud, falsification of documents, impersonating another person, and such, the IND files a report with the police.

The law enables the IND to impose administrative fines, and to recover the costs made by the IND (and possible other government organisations).

Therefore, always provide the correct information!

​Reporting confidential information / fraud observations to the IND 

Would you like to pass on sensitive, particular or confidential information about yourself or others, or pass on fraud observations? Please fill in the form fraud observation.

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