When you visit a page of, cookies may have been placed there to analyse use of the website and improve the ease of its use.

What are cookies?

Many websites you view save small text files on your computer. This enables your computer to be recognized during your visit and during a following visit. We call these files 'cookies'.

What do cookies do?

There are three types of cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies

    Certain cookies are needed to maintain settings or preferences during a visit to the website or until a following visit. Suppose that you do not want any cookies from a certain website. That  website can 'remember' this by placing a cookie. Without cookies you will be bothered by the same questions each time.
  2. Cookies for analysis of website use

    There are cookies that transmit to the website which pages you view, in which order and how long. This can be turned into web statistics that can help to gear the website better to the visitors. Similar cookies are those used to hold online surveys.
  3. Cookies from third-party websites

    Third parties can place cookies on certain parts of the website. In that case these are handy extras, such as: a Google map with an interactive route description, a 'like' button on Facebook, or the possibility to tweet something. These cookies enable the website to 'know' that you are logged in to the website you are viewing, or to Google, Facebook or Twitter.

No personal data

Cookies we use on do not contain personal data. Consequently, such cookies cannot be used automatically to identify you. Additional information would be needed for this: for example a combination of type-3 cookies with your login details for third-party  websites (those login details can often indeed be linked to your person). Without additional information cookies do not constitute a threat to your privacy.

Do you object to cookies?

Do you want to exclude cookies completely? You can do so by way of the settings of your browser (internet program). You can find more information about cookies and switching off cookies on
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