​The website must be accessible to everyone. That means easy to use and understand. And that includes visitors who have difficulty reading, are not able to see well, or have another disability. On this page you can find out which requirements an accessible website needs to meet. You can also find out how we will continue to improve our website accessibility.

​When is our website accessible?

When it is easy to

  • find
  • use
  • view
  • understand

Our website also has to work well with all

  • search engines
  • internet browsers
  • devices (touchscreen, smartphone, PC, Mac).

Which requirements should an accessible website meet?

An accessible website must meet the digital accessibility requirements of the Dutch government. These requirements are included in a decision of the government from May 2018. You can find this decision at the following link: Tijdelijk besluit Digitale Toegankelijkheid (Dutch only).

Does our website meet all the accessibility requirements?

Our website does not yet meet all the accessibility requirements. Below are seven of the most important components which do not yet comply:

  • It is not possible to use the tab key to navigate.
  • Not all texts are easy to scan or read in a logical order.
  • Not all images or infographics have an alternative text.
  • Users of reading software cannot always have our website read aloud.
  • Pdfs are not always easy to read or search, or cannot always be easily read by software.
  • Some video files do not have subtitles, a transcript, or audio description.
  • Sometimes the colour and contrast of images mean they are not easy to see.

What is the IND doing to improve accessibility?

Among other things, we are working on technical updates. We are rewriting texts and adding subtitles, transcripts, or audio descriptions to videos. In this way, we are doing our best to meet all the accessibility requirements. 

Are you having problems with accessibility on

Do you have any questions or comments? Or would you like to use a page which appears not to be accessible? Please contact us at If it concerns a page which is not accessible, please include a short description of the problem in your e-mail with a link to the page concerned.