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How to upload documents

​When submitting an application online you often need to upload documents. On this page you can find out more about uploading documents with your online application.

​When making an application online, you often have to submit documents, for example, a copy of your passport. You will need to upload these documents. In order to do this, you need to first have a digital version of each document. On this page you can find out how to create a digital version of physical documents and how to upload the digital version.

Digitise a document and convert it to pdf or jpg

The IND only accepts uploads in pdf or jpg file format. There are different ways to transfer physical documents to a computer or mobile. This is called digitisation.

Digitising documents using a mobile device

Do you have a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet? Then you can use apps to scan documents. There are several scan apps. Search in your app store. Make sure that the scanner saves the document as a pdf or jpg. There is a video about the use of the Adobe Scan app on this web page.

Scan apps use the camera from your phone or tablet. Place the document on the table, open the app. The app digitises your document using the camera on your phone. Make sure you place the document on a dark background. And remember to save the document as a pdf or jpg.

Digitising documents using a scanner

Do you have a scanner, for example on your all-in-one printer? Then you can scan your documents and save them on your computer. When you scan a document, it is not always immediately saved as a pdf or jpg: you often have to convert the document yourself to pdf format or jpg format.

Digitising documents at a copy shop or printing service

If you do not have a mobile device or scanner, you can have your documents digitised at a copy shop or printing service.

Convert documents from a different file format to pdf or jpg

Do you have a digital document, but is it not a pdf or jpg? There is a lot of information on the internet about converting documents to pdf or jpg.

Merge documents into a single pdf or jpg

Would you like to merge several documents into one pdf or jpg? There is a lot of information on the internet about merging several pdfs or jpgs into one file.

Upload documents with your online application

Do you have all the documents to accompany your application saved as pdf files on your computer or mobile device? Make sure that your documents are clearly named. The online application will show you when you need to upload which document.

Uploading a document works like this:

Passport                                                                                             Select a file

Click “select a file”. Locate where you have saved your pdf. Select the file. Click the open button.

File      Size                                remove

You can only upload files up to 8 MB

If your file is larger than 8 MB you will see the following message.
The maximum file size is 8 MB.                                                                                                                                Select a file

Make sure your file is smaller than 8 MB.

Add several pdf files to one upload request

Sometimes you can add several pdfs per upload request in your online application, for example, when uploading information about your income. Choose “select a file” several times to add all the different pdfs. You cannot upload several documents at once.

Information: Employment

You have now uploaded three files to your online application.

Remove a pdf file from your online application

Click “remove” next to the file you would like to delete. The document is then removed from the list of uploaded files.

Upload additional documents to an application you have already submitted

Would you like to upload one or more additional documents to an application you have already submitted? This is possible. The additional documents will be attached to your application if you have not yet received a decision regarding your application.