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Public order policy for procedures to become a Dutch citizen

​You would like to apply to become Dutch through naturalisation or option. You may not be a threat to the public order or national security of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On this page you can find out what this means.

The IND looks at different things. Does one of these situations apply to you? Then you cannot become Dutch at the moment.

You are suspected of a crime and could receive a sentence for this

A criminal case is running. Or you have received a sentence which it is not yet irrevocable. Irrevocable means that you can still appeal or that the appeal is still ongoing.

You have been convicted of a crime in the 5 years before your application for naturalisation or the option statement (or the related decision)

You received a sentence. A sentence is:

  • A custodial measure, for example imprisonment or detention under a hospital order (tbs). The duration of the sentence does not matter.
  • Community service (training or work sentence), or another penalty as referred to in Article 9 Penal Code. The duration of the sentence does not matter.
  • A fine of € 810 or more.
  • A penalty order or transaction of € 810 or more.
  • Multiple penalty orders, transactions or fines of € 405 or more each, with a total of € 1,215 or more.
  • A measure that deprives you of criminal proceeds. For example, you received money or goods through the crime. You must pay this money or the value of these goods to the government. This amounts to € 810 or more.

In principle it does not matter whether the sentence is conditional or unconditional. It also does not matter if you received the sentence in the Netherlands or abroad. Nor does it matter if you have been pardoned for (part of) the sentence. The IND or local council always looks at the sentence you received before the pardon.

If you receive a conditional sentence, you are usually given probation. If you do not comply with the terms of probation, your sentence becomes unconditional. Therefore, during probation you cannot become Dutch.

The 5-year term starts when the sentence ends

This means that you calculate 5 years from:

  • the date you served the prison sentence.
  • the date you completed community service.
  • the date you paid the fine, transaction or claim in full.
  • the date when the probationary period of a suspended sentence has expired and no new offences were committed during probation. The rehabilitation period begins (looking back) when the judgment or sentence has become irrevocable.
  • the date on which another imposed sentence no longer applies to you. For example: the date from which you are allowed to vote again in elections if you were temporarily deprived of the right to vote.

You are suspected of or have been convicted of crimes under Article 1F Refugee Convention

You cannot become Dutch. An application for naturalisation or option will always be rejected. The 5-year term does not apply to you, not even if you have served your sentence.

You have a polygamous marriage

A polygamous marriage means that you are married to more than one man or woman at the same time. Polygamy is prohibited in the Netherlands. If you have a polygamous marriage, you can be prosecuted. And you cannot become Dutch. You can only become Dutch if you are married to one man or woman.

Your Dutch nationality may be revoked if you withhold information

Have you been granted Dutch nationality? And later it appears that you withheld information (for example about your criminal history)? Your nationality may be revoked if you should not have been given Dutch nationality as a result of this information.