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Live chat disclaimer

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) considers privacy very important. That's why we will handle your data carefully in this chat.

‚ÄčThe IND processes personal data to answer your questions. The IND also uses and stores data from these calls for the purpose of training and analysis. In doing so, the IND complies with the rules contained in the privacy laws. In our Privacy Statement you can find out how the IND handles your personal data and what rights you have.

Our employees will only provide general information in the chat. Therefore, no rights can be derived from the information provided in the chat.

Are you looking for information about your personal situation or would you like to know the status of your application? Or do you have another specific question? Visit My IND or contact us by telephone on 088 043 0430.

It is not possible to submit an application or request, or additional information or documents via the chat. This can only be done online on the IND website or by post.