Income test

​You want to apply for a residence permit for your partner. To apply you and your partner should meet some conditions. One of these conditions is that you have income. With the test on this page you can check if your income meets the income requirements.

Income requirements

You would like to apply for a residence permit for your partner. In order to do so, you and your partner must meet several conditions. One of the conditions is that you have income. You must in fact soon not only be able to provide for yourself, but also for your partner.

The test

The income test is a way of seeing if your income meets the requirements. For the test, you need information about your income. For example:

  • Your salary slips and employment contract.

  • The decision to grant your benefit and the payment statement.

  • Your income for the current financial year and the last 2 closed financial years.

Have you collected the right information? Then you can start the test. After the test you will immediately get the result. You will also get a list of the documents you must enclose with the application. The IND needs these documents to assess your income.

Several sources of income

You can complete the test for one source of income. Do you have several sources of income? Or contracts with several employers? Then complete the test several times.

The income amounts in the test change every 6 months

This happens on 1 January and 1 July. Therefore repeat the income test shortly before you submit the application.

Start de test