Becoming a Dutch national: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

​On this page you can read the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a Dutch national. You yourself choose what is more important: the advantages you have as a Dutch national, or the disadvantages of becoming a Dutch national.

​Whether to become a Dutch national is an important decision. You have to think carefully about what it means to become a Dutch national, because getting Dutch nationality has advantages and disadvantages. You decide what is most important to you. Beside the advantages and disadvantages on this page you may have personal reasons to choose or not to choose for naturalisation.

Advantages if you become a Dutch national

  • You are no longer a foreign national. You will be registered as a Dutch national in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). You can also apply for a Dutch passport.
  • You no longer need to have a residence permit. This means you also do not need to meet the conditions for a residence permit anymore.
  • You can stay or live outside the Netherlands for a longer period without consequences for your residence in the Netherlands.
  • You can vote in alle Dutch elections.
  • You become an EU citizen. You can vote for European elections. And you can move to another EU country more easily.
  • You can be appointed to certain public functions, which are only open to Dutch citizens. These include, for example, Mayor, police officer, soldier or a function in the judiciary.

Disadvantages if you become a Dutch national

  • An application for naturalisation is more costly than extending your residence permit. See the cost for a naturalisation request.
  • You probably need to renounce the nationality you have now. Make sure you know what this means for your before your application for naturalisation. You may lose certain rights in the country of which you are now a national. You will also need to pay fees for renouncing your nationality.
  • Are you not required to renounce your current nationality? Or is it not possible for you to renounce your nationality? You will then receive double nationality after becoming a Dutch national. Having a double nationality could be difficult, because rights and obligations of the different nationalities may conflict one another. 
  • You could lose your Dutch nationality again. For example, when you are convicted for a serious crime. Or if you  have committed fraud in an application for a Dutch residence permit or in your application to become a Dutch national. This is even possible up to 12 years after becoming a Dutch national. If you voluntarily take on the nationality of another country, you will automatically lose your Dutch nationality. Find out more on the loss and revoking of the Dutch nationality.