Legal representative

Which foreign nationals have a future in the Netherlands? And who must return to their country of origin? When a third-country national challenges a decision on their residence, then you represent the Minister for Migration and the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the court and at the Council of State. Are you the professional who knows how to hold their own in stress-sensitive cases? Then we hope that you can come and make a difference as legal representative at the IND.

More about the position of legal representative

As legal representative you defend – in writing and orally – the viewpoint of the Minister for Migration and the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Aliens Chamber of the court and on appeal at the Council of State. Such work is varied, meaningful and challenging. Because immigration law is always in development, you never stop learning.


Serdar Oba is procesvertegenwoordiger bij de IND

We are proud of the work we do and how we make a difference for the Netherlands. Almost everyone has an opinion on migration and aliens policy: society, politics and media. So, the legal representative works under a magnifying glass. You must be able to deal with this.


What really distinguishes the position is that you learn very quickly to refute the arguments of the foreign national’s lawyer in written documents and oral pleadings by concentrating on that which is actually in dispute between the parties. Once you are able to do that, then you will be well-prepared to take steps in the direction of the Public Prosecution Service or the administration of justice as a trainee judge (RIO). You litigate more as a legal representative than at many law firms!
So it is very interesting work to do for a longer time, but it is also the ideal springboard for the rest of your career.

Recruitment rounds in 2022

The IND is looking for several legal representatives at the locations in The Hague, Den Bosch and Zwolle. That is why we also have several recruitment rounds. In 2022 you can apply each month. Notwithstanding, you should not wait too long if you are interested, because things can go quickly. When candidates are suitable, we engage them immediately.


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Job as legal representative, including training

In order to start as a legal representative, you need an academic level of professional and intellectual ability, and a degree in law. Have you been hired? Then you will start an internal training process first.  In this period you will have full guidance and you will get to know everything about immigration law. Depending on your wishes and talents, you can always receive further training at the IND. We gladly support you with your personal development because we hope for a good and long-lasting work relationship.

Read the interview with legal representative Serdar.

Information and application

Do you want more information? Or to apply for the job? Then do not hesitate to contact us!