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Work in paid employment

You wish to work in the Netherlands. You need a residence permit for this: a single permit (GVVA), or a separate residence permit and work permit (TWV). Which permit you need, depends on the type of work you are going to carry out.


Indication of work status for extension of GVVA (single permit for residence and work)

- For employees for whom, after 5 April 2017, a renewal application GVVA has been submitted, it is,...

Japanese nationals no longer free on the labour market as of 1 January 2017

- Based on a decision of the Council of State of 24 December 2014, Japanese nationals have free acc...

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Nice to know

  • Employers, foreign employees, self-employed persons, scientific researchers and graduated international students can also turn to one of the 8 Expat Centers in the Netherlands.
  • Only an employer can apply for a work permit (TWV ). You cannot do this yourself.