Text infographic asylum Netherlands

This web page provides a text only version of the infographic 'Asylum procedure in the Netherlands'.

Information text only version of the Asylum procedure


You arrive in the Netherlands. 

Reporting: ID check, luggage, health and apply for asylum

As an asylum seeker you report to someone in uniform. Your ID, luggage and documents will be checked. Your finger prints will be taken. Your personal details will be registered in a national system. You will have a medical check. You will receive shelter.

Reporting interview

You will have a reporting interview to establish your ID, nationality, origin and journey. This interview will take place with the help of an interpreter. After that you can rest from your journey. And you can prepare yourself for the asylum procedure AA or AA+. 

Safe country, EU protection, EU citizen

Are you coming from a safe country or do you already have protection in an EU country? Or are you an EU citizen? Then you will have 1 interview with the help of an interpreter. You can appeal to court if you will not be granted asylum.

Dublin procedure

In the Dublin procedure you will have 1 interview with the help of an interpreter. You can appeal to court if you will not be granted asylum.

Rest and preparation asylum procedure (AA/AA+)

While you are resting from your journey, you will be informed about the asylum procedure. A lawyer will help you to prepare for the asylum procedure: AA or AA+.

Asylum procedure (AA of AA+)

In the asylum procedure AA or AA+ you will have an asylum interview with questions about your reasons for applying for asylum. 

Extended Asylum procedure (VA)

You will leave the AA or AA+ and go to the VA. After that you will either be granted asylum or not.

You are granted asylum

You are allowed to stay and you will be provided accommodation. You will work on civic integration and prepare yourself for work.

No asylum, appeal in court

You can appeal in court. The court can approve or deny your appeal. If your appeal is approved, you go to the VA. If your appeal is denied, you will have to leave the country.

No asylum, departure

You need to leave the Netherlands if you will not be granted asylum. You will receive information about receiving help to prepare for your departure. Your departure may be voluntary or forced.