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Written application form 7533

Application for extension of residence permit for residence as a family member or relative (sponsor)

Written application form 7539

Application for a 'Regular Provisional Residence permit - persons making a journey in connection with family reunification with an asylum seeker'

Written application form 7561

Application for the purpose of stay 'Intra Corporate Transfer' (Directive 2014/66/EU) (sponsor)

Written application form 7564

Application for the purpose of stay ‘Intra Corporate Transfer/Mobile ICT’ (Directive 2014/66/EU) (sponsor)

Written application form 7570

Application for the purpose of residence of 'employment as essential start-up personnel' (sponsor) - PILOT

Other form 7572

Accompanying form to the application form (GVVA) for residence within the framework of the EU Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom

Notification form 7590

Notification form for Intra Corporate Transfer (non-recognised sponsor)

Notification form 7596

Notification form for family members and relatives (sponsor)

Online application

Online notification form for foreign national or sponsor

Online notification deregister foreign national
Written application form 7047

Aanvraag verlenging gecombineerde vergunning voor verblijf en arbeid (GVVA) (referent)