Due to a telephone malfunction, the IND is less accessible by phone. It may take longer for us to be able to speak to you. We are working on a solution and keep you informed. Thank you for your patience.

Other Purposes of Stay

You wish to live in the Netherlands. You need a residence permit to live in the Netherlands. The reason why you wish to live in the Netherlands determines which residence permit you apply for.


Why can’t you log in with your DigiD?

- Unable to log in with your DigiD? There could be several reasons for this.​

New income requirements for knowledge migrants and Blue Card Holders

- ​The Minister of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) has revised the income requirements for know...

Visiting an IND-desk only possible by appointment

- ​Would you like to visit one of the IND desks? To make use of the products and services at the IN...

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