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The IND offices in Rijswijk and Hoofddorp are moving to The Hague

​On 12th June 2017 the IND is moving to Turfmarkt 147 and on 3th July 2017 to Rijnstraat 8.

The relocation to The Hague is due to a more compact civil service, which should result in more efficient, incisive, and customer oriented ways of working within the government.

In The Hague we will be working in sustainable, flexible, and contemporary offices on a central site: right next to The Hague Central Station and at a walking distance from the The Hague city centre and the political centre of the Netherlands. This provides an opportunity to strengthen our collaboration within the IND and with our partner organisations.

                                   Rijnstraat 8                                                                                        Turfmarkt 147

What does this mean?

As a result of our relocation, our office in Hoofddorp will be closed on 12th June and our desk in Hoofddorp will be closed July 1st. The IND offices and the desk in Rijswijk will also be closed on July, 1st. The availability of all other offices and desks remains unchanged.

Where do I need to go?
If you would like to visit our desk, we are happy to welcome you at the Stadhouderskade 85 in Amsterdam from July, 3th. Our desk at the Rijnstraat 8 in The Hague will be opened from 3 July, 11 AM. You do need to make an appointment for both these locations. You'll find more information on how to do this here.

The postal addresses were changed from 1st February 2017. The IND's fax numbers remain unchanged.

If you've got any questions about our relocation, please contact us in one of the various possible ways. Please refer to our contact page for the ways to contact us.




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