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Influx of asylum seekers in March along the lines of previous months

The total influx of asylum seekers in March was 3,317, slightly less than in the month before that (February: 3,437)

​This number includes 1,223 initial asylum applications, 186 repeated asylum applications and 1,908 family reunification migrants.
With 1,244 initial asylum applications in January, 1,164 in February and 1,223 in March, there has been a stable trend of around 1,200 initial asylum applications.

Initial asylum applications spread over a large number of nationalities
The number of initial asylum applications is spread over a large number of nationalities, Syrians ranking first (8%), Eritreans ranking second (8%) and Moroccans ranking third (8%).

Slight increase in repeated asylum applications
The number of repeated asylum applications has slightly increased to 186 compared to January (178) and February (160).
Afghans still rank first (21%), followed by Iraqis (13%) and Iranians (9%).

Journey in connection with family reunification
Family members of persons holding an asylum residence permit can, under certain conditions, qualify for an asylum residence permit. In March 2017, the number of family members coming to the Netherlands was 1,908, a decrease of over 200 compared to February. The majority of them (65%) has Syrian nationality.




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