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Why can’t you log in with your DigiD?

Unable to log in with your DigiD? There could be several reasons for this.​

  • You are not using the correct user name or password. Check if you are using the correct log-in details. Watch out for capitals and lower case letters.
  • You have not activated your DigiD. First activate your DigiD with the activation code in the letter you received.
  • Your DigiD has been blocked. Wait until the restriction has been lifted and try again.
  • Your DigiD has expired because you have not used it for 3 years. Apply for a new DigiD.

It could also be that the software on your computer or mobile device no longer meets DigiD's minimum security requirements. Since 13 May 2019 it is no longer possible to log in with a DigiD if you are using an outdated operating system.

How can I check if my operating system and software meet the minimum requirements?
To check if your operating system and browser meet the minimal requirements, visit the following website PKIoverheid   (not available in English).

If you can see two green squares, then your operating system and browser meet the minimum requirements. If this is not the case, upgrade your operating system and also your browser to the latest versions. To perform the upgrade, consult the user manual or help function of your operating system or browser.

You can also log in with another device that has the correct operating system and browser.





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