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Total asylum influx in March 2.292

​In March 2018 the total asylum influx (first asylum applications, repeated requests for  asylum and family members of asylum status holders) was 2,292.

​In comparison, a year earlier (March 2017) it totalled 3.296; the difference can be traced back to a sharp decrease in the number of family members of asylum status holders who came to the Netherlands.

The total asylum influx in March increased slightly compared to the previous month. This increase is mainly due to an increase in the number of first applications (February: 1,188, March: 1,365).

Unaccompanied minor foreign nationals (AMV)
The number of applications submitted by unaccompanied minor foreign nationals (AMV) in March (158) shows almost a doubling compared to the previous month (February: 80. AMV of Eritrean nationality provide a substantial share of this increase (February: 40, March: 89).

Relocation, resettlement and Eurostat asylum figures
The appendices include the relocation and resettlement figures and asylum figures from Eurostat.


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