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Total asylum influx in January 2,400

​In the month of January 2018 the total asylum influx (the total of first and repeated asylum applications and family members of asylum status holders) was 2,400. In comparison: in January 2017 the total asylum influx was 2,687.

First asylum applications
The total number of people who submitted their first asylum application in January (1,517) increased compared to December 2017 (1,336) (one year earlier - January 2017 - this number was 1,239).

Family reunification
Family members of asylum status holders may be eligible for a residence permit under certain conditions. The total number of family members who came to the Netherlands in January decreased compared to the previous month (January 2018: 695, December 2017: 995).

The share of second-time travelers with Syrian nationality has been on a steady decline since February 2017 (1,578) - with the exception of October (453); in January 2018, 207 Syrian family members came to the Netherlands.

Relocation and resettlement
The appendices include the relocation and resettlement figures and asylum figures from Eurostat.


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