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Temporary solution passport problems Venezuelans

​Due to a paper shortage in Venezuela there are problems for Venezuelan citizens obtaining or renewing a passport now.

In the current situation Venezuelans run the risk of not being able to identify themselves with a valid national passport. This prevents progress in ongoing residence procedures.

The IND offers two, temporary solutions to Venezuelan citizens who have difficulties identifying themselves with a valid national passport:

  • Venezuelans who want to collect their residence permit or having their biometric data taken at the IND-desk, can identify themselves with their expired passport and a copy of their application for (renewal of) a passport.
  • The IND will temporarily not apply  the requirement of a valid passport to Venezuelans with an application for renewed stay or an application for changing their purpose of residence. However, for this it is required that the applicant hands over his expired passport with a copy of the application for (renewal of) a passport and still meets all other conditions of the residence permit. At the next renewal the IND will require a valid national passport again.




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