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Process for submitting a repeat asylum application simplified on 1 July 2019

​The process for submitting repeat asylum applications will be simplified from 1 July 2019.

From this date, repeat asylum applications must be submitted in person at the application centre in Ter Appel. Together with their lawyer, asylum seekers complete an application form. This states who is making the application and why they are applying for asylum again. The process starts with the submission of the application at the asylum centre in Ter Apel.

Has the IND rejected an asylum application? Then under the Aliens Act, asylum seekers can always apply for asylum again. At the moment, together with a lawyer, asylum seekers first need to complete a notification form. With this form, asylum seekers advise that they would like to apply for asylum again. They send the form by post to the IND. The IND then invites them to register at an application centre. The invitation states where and when the application has to be submitted. This can also be at the application centre in Ter Apel.

Under the new arrangements, asylum seekers no longer need to first submit a notification. Instead, they can submit the application directly in person at the application centre. The process is changing as a result of a decision of the Council of State (of 28 June 2019). This states that the notification also directly constitutes the application. As a result, the notification form is no longer necessary.

For more information about the current process, visit our website.


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