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Online services at the IND: quicker and better

“Applying to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) for a residence permit? Nowadays you can do so online. It really goes more quickly than before”, say Gwen Keller and Marjolein Reedijk, when we ask about their experiences with online services.
They are both immigration services managers at, respectively, Hillbrook and Deloitte. “The IND does this very well, better than other government agencies and foreign immigration services, where a lot of paper is still used”, according to Keller and Reedijk. Hillbrook and Deloitte provide services to companies and multinationals aiming to bring employees from other countries to the Netherlands. They depend on the services of the IND to obtain residence permits for these employees. Together, Hillbrook and Deloitte make about 2,000 applications for residence permits per year via the online portal of the IND for business clients. 

Quicker and better
Reedijk: “The largest gain is the speed by which the IND now receives an application. We no longer need to fill in, print out and send the applications manually by  post. All information is entered immediately in the systems of the IND, which means that a decision can also be taken more quickly.” Keller: “Once the application has been submitted, we can see the status forthwith online. For instance, we see at a glance when the application was submitted and within what period a decision will be taken. We can also view the ultimate decision online. This is very gratifying, because foreign staff often have to arrange all kinds of matters when they come here: the journey, housing and a school for the children. The staff often have to resign from their jobs in the foreign country as well. So the more certainty, the better.”

Continuous improvement
Business clients have been able to submit applications online since 2015. Deloitte and Hillbrook were among the first that were able to make use of this. The input, wishes and feedback from clients such as Deloitte and Hillbrook are very valuable to the IND, and are used to make the services increasingly better and quicker. For instance, the online services are being made more and more user friendly and, for example the back office processes are being increasingly digitized and optimized. Much attention is also paid to improving availability and performance. Now, three years later, the milestone of the 100,000th digital application has amply been reached. Deloitte and Hillbrook are satisfied with the online service offered. Reedijk: “In the future everything will be done by digital means and, in my opinion, the choice by the IND to take this path is the only right one.”





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