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National Open Reception Centre Day on 23th September

​The national Open Reception Centre Day is on Saturday 23th September from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Many reception centres will open their doors to the public to give an impression of daily life in a reception centre. The national Open Reception Centre Day is an initiative by COA, the Ministry of Security and Justice and the Dutch Council for Refugees. This year, they are organising this national open day for the third time. Last year, the Open Reception Centre Day attracted over 40,000 visitors.

Getting to know one another
People living in the vicinity and others who are interested are invited to get to know the inhabitants and life in a reception centre. Encounters play a central role in this event. There are guided tours, workshops, and activities for children. Organisations will tell more about their activities on a reception cite: admission, registration and preparation of asylum seekers for a home in the Netherlands or the return to their country of origin. 

Support and understanding
By opening the doors of the reception centres in the country, organisations want to give a face to asylum seekers and invite visitors to enter into dialogue with them. This dialogue will result in a mutual understanding of each other's situation. 

Visit the website www.openazc.nlfor more information on the national Open Reception Centre Day. Those who are interested may register themselves on the website to be informed of any news and open day activities.




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