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NRC report generates variety of reactions

​On 6 June, the NRC published an article suggesting that the IND failed to deport criminal asylum seekers. Too high a workload was to blame according to the paper that based its report on an anonymous source within the IND. The report resulted in a variety of reactions.

IND CEO van Berckel finds it very disturbing for all IND employees, particularly the colleagues who are directly involved. “The way in which information was selectively and anonymously leaked creates a feeling of insecurity and violates the privacy of IND employees. The fact that the NRC published the full name of one of our colleagues based on an anonymous source, is I believe, a very serious matter”, said Van Berckel.

Extensive investigation

Commissie De Leeuw recently conducted an extensive and independent investigation and concluded that there had been no malpractice. The image painted by the NRC is fragmented and based on just a few, older documents. The way in which the paper uses quotes gives a one-sided view of the situation because the context is lacking. Rather, the importance of quality and how to deal with work pressure and maintain quality was discussed in meetings. In addition, the commission indicated that time and work pressure were not decisive factors for deviating from regulations and/or work guidelines. The report painted a picture that did not in any way do justice to the way in which work is carried out at the IND.

Good work

“Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the suggestion raised in the NRC is contrary to the conclusions of the independent De Leeuw commission that investigated and published its report on this matter last week,”emphasised van Berckel. “Last Tuesday, the Van Zwol commission also came to the conclusion that we are doing our work well. Making good assessments is often extremely complex, but it is clear that the staff involved carry out this work with great loyalty and skill. "

Reaction from minister

Minister Grapperhaus from the Ministry of Justice and Security advised today that he had seen the news following the investigation by the independent De Leeuw commission which established that there is no question of malpractice. The minister is now working together with the IND to find out on what NRC based its report. He indicated that, should this shed new light on the matter, he will further update parliament.


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