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Indication of work status for extension of GVVA (single permit for residence and work)

For employees for whom, after 5 April 2017, a renewal application GVVA has been submitted, it is, under specific conditions and pending the decision of the application, possible for them to keep working for their employer.

​They must have a residence sticker (VA sticker) with an indication of work status placed in their passport. With this VA-sticker in the passport, the employee can then show that he is staying legitimately in the Netherlands and is allowed to work. If the application for renewal can be granted, then the GVVA (including the supplementary document) will be linked, in principle, to the earlier GVVA.

The worker may, pending the decision on the application for renewal, keep working if:

  • the application is submitted on time, that is, if the request is received by the IND before expiration of the period of validity of the previously granted GVVA;
  • the employee continues to do the same work for the same employer; and
  • there is a VA sticker placed in the passport, with which it can be demonstrated that he is allowed to keep working for his employer.

Requesting an extension on time
It is advisable to submit a renewal request for the GVVA for your employee on time, that is about 3 months before the expiration of the GVVA. The IND will then, in most cases, have ruled on the request before the period of validity of the previously granted GVVA has expired. In that case, the employee does not need to apply for a VA-sticker. The IND needs a total of 90 days to process a GVVA request, the so-called 'statutory period.' The statutory period of 5 weeks, in which the UWV formulates an opinion, is part of this. The IND does strive to make a decision on a fully submitted GVVA application within 7 weeks.

Making an appointment
To request a VA sticker at the IND desk, the employee must make an appointment by telephone. Please take into account that it may take some time before you are given an appointment at the IND desk, and make your appointment well before the end of the period of validity of the GVVA.


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