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IND inaugurates Social Advisory Council

People come to the IND from all corners of the earth, for reasons as diverse as humanity itself. This requires the IND to meet foreign nationals with open eyes and ears. The Social Advisory Council (SAC) of the IND actually brings the outside world inside. Their critical look helps the service to become the open and transparent organisation the IND wants to be. The SAC was officially inaugurated on 17 October.

​IND Managing Director, Aly van Berckel, is pleased with the arrival of the SAC: 'The decisions of the IND have an impact on other people's lives. I consider it important for others to form an opinion of our work. The SAC is an open line to the outside world. With the SAC we open ourselves even more to how the outside world looks at us. I am really looking forward to receiving feedback from the SAC members with their fresh look and diverse work experience. That can help us very much.'

Members of the SAC
The members of the SAC all have a different background and motivation to join the SAC and the IND. The SAC is composed of: Corinne Dettmeijer (Chair), Petra van den Boomgaard, Annemarie Heeringa, Freek Landmeter, Marian Spier and Afshin Ellian.






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