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IND extends services after corona measures

​The IND is extending services to customers. The desks will now reopen almost completely, of course in a way that is corona proof and with extended opening hours if possible. Moreover, the IND will temporarily have documents delivered at home. This way, the IND hopes to be able to assist customers faster again. This is necessary because of the impact the corona measures have had on services since mid-March.

Opening of desks
The desks of the IND will reopen almost completely, while taking into consideration the corona measures. The opening hours will also be extended for the regular IND desks if possible (except Eindhoven and the expat centres). Customers who have recently had a letter from the IND that their residence document is ready have to make an online appointment to collect their residence document at the desk that is mentioned in the letter. This can be done viawww.ind.nl/appointments. Only customers with an appointment are welcome.

Residence documents delivered at home
Because of the corona measures, it is still not possible that all customers who would normally visit an IND desk do so now. That is why the IND will now also have some of the residence documents delivered at home.

Customers whose residence permit has been renewed will have their document delivered at home. So they don't have to make an appointment to go to an IND desk. Around 15,000 residence documents will be delivered at home via PostNL's registered mail (within 8 weeks). Customers must show a valid proof of identity for receipt. Those customers who will have their document delivered at home have received a letter about this from the IND.

Courier service for UK nationals
To unburden the desks, the IND is also working together with the IPKD (Interdepartementale Post- en Koeriersdienst), a government organisation specialised in courier services. The IPKD will deliver residence documents at home to approximately 45,000  UK nationals in the Netherlands.

The IPKD has started delivering this week. UK nationals who have had a decision on their applications will receive a residence document. They must show a valid proof of identity to receive a residence document.

Because of Brexit most of UK Nationals need a residence document as of 2021. They need to apply when they receive an invitation of the IND.

Extra IND desk
An extra IND desk has been opened at the Johan Huizingalaan in Amsterdam for British nationals to have their biometrics taken. In addition to some weekdays, British nationals can also go there in the evenings. The location has been added to the appointment planner on the Brexit page.



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