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Following family members of refugees to Ter Apel as of February 2018

​As of 1 February 2018 following family members of refugees who arrive in The Netherlands must report themselves at Ter Apel. This used to be Veenhuizen.

​Do you arrive in The Netherlands as a following member of a refugee? Then, you can turn to the Immigration- and Naturalization Service (IND) in Ter Apel. For this, you need to make an appointment by phone first. Your family member in The Netherlands can do this for you. The IND-employee will tell you on what day and at what time you must be present in Ter Apel. On the day of your appointment your short asylum procedure will start.

Veenhuizen location closing down
Due to the decreasing influx of asylum seekers less reception centres are needed. Therefore the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) has decided to close down the reception centre in Veenhuizen. Because of this the application process for following family members of refugees who wish to collect their asylum residence permit, moves from Veenhuizen to Ter Apel. The activities of all organisations involved, including the IND, the Aliens Police (AVIM), the COA, the council and the Dutch Council for Refugees will follow along.

Switch to Ter Apel
Veenhuizen location has served as an emergency accommodation for asylum seekers since May 2014 and as a reporting location for following family members of refugees since 2016. The last remaining asylum seekers will leave the COA-location of Veenhuizen around March. Veenhuizen will finally close down in May. Following family members of refugees who report themselves at Veenhuizen after 31 January, will be transferred to Ter Apel by the COA.




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