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Earlier registration of asylum seekers in the Personal Records Database (BRP)

​As from 1st October, asylum seekers originating from the 'big-five, the five most significant countries of origin, are registered earlier in the Personal Records Database, the BRP, on the condition that it concerns an asylum seeker who is expected to be permitted legal stay in the Netherlands for at least four more months.

​Formerly BRP registration was only possible for asylum seekers who had been admitted or had been waiting for the decision on their application for six months or more. 

The 'big five' are Syria (including Palestinians), Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. Asylum seekers from these countries qualify for an earlier registration, with the exception of unaccompanied minors. There is, however, a condition for earlier registration: in the application interview, asylum seekers must give IND permission to pass their sensitive personal data on to the municipality. Did they do so, are they allowed to stay at least four more months, and has the IND adequately established their identity? Then they will be registered earlier in the BRP.

Advantages of earlier BRP registration
Asylum seekers as well as the government benefit from an earlier BRP registration. Asylum seekers will receive their Citizen Service Number (BSN) earlier, enabling them to arrange public services sooner and make use of cheaper, regular healthcare. They no longer need COA's expensive moneycard for banking: a BSN allows them to open their own bank account. Another advantage of earlier registration is that persons with a residence status can move from reception centres faster to less costly municipal housing. Municipalities have been cooperating with organisations in the immigration process by means of BRP-straten, on-site BRP expertise facilities. As a result of the expertise acquired in these facilities and an effective coordination between the parties, personal data are registered correctly. Because of this uniform and correct BRP registration, it is also less often needed to correct documents.

Even though this new regulation applies to all asylum seekers from the above-mentioned countries, three groups have been excluded: asylum seekers whose application is being processed in another country within the framework of the Dublin Regulation, asylum seekers from safe countries of origin, and asylum seekers subjected to a security screening or enforcement investigation. It was already possible to register persons with a residence status directly in the BRP. This remains unchanged by the amended BRP legislation.    




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