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Decrease asylum application continues

​The total influx of asylum  seekers (first asylum applications, repeated requests for asylum and family members of asylum status holders) decreases since February 2017. In February the influx was still 3,418, in September it was 2,153 (by comparison - August 2,260).

First asylum applications
The decrease in September in the total asylum influx compared to the month before is mainly due to the number of first asylum applications. That dropped from 1,332 in August to 1,228 in September. Striking is the decline in the number of Albanians submitting a first asylum application (by comparison: 316 in the period January to September 2017, 1,664 in 2016).

Repeated requests for asylum and family members
The number of repeated requests for asylum showed no significant changes this year and remains largely on the same level (between 150 - 180 applications).
Family members of asylum status holders may be eligible for a residence permit under certain conditions. The number of family members of asylum status holders arriving in the Netherlands has decreased since February 2017.

Relocation and resettlement
The appendix contains the relocation and resettlement figures.


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