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Declining trend in asylum inflows continues in June

The declining trend in total asylum inflows continued also in June.

The total inflow in that month was 2359, almost 16% less than the month before (May: 2,800). The decline in total asylum inflows can mainly be attributed to the decline in the number of persons who came in connection with family reunification.   

Decrease in the number of first applications by Moroccans
As in recent months, the proportion of Syrians in the number of first applications was the largest (17%). Eritreans (6%) and Iraqi (6%) took respectively the second and third position.

In May, asylum seekers with the Moroccan nationality were still third in number (7%). They are in the eighth place in June (4%).

Afghans are again the largest group with repeated asylum
The slight increase in the number of repeated asylum applications (May: 171; June: 185) is mainly due to Afghans (May: 36; June: 44) and Ukrainians (May: 0; June: 10). In terms of nationalities, Afghans remained the largest group (24%) followed by Iraqis (9%) and Iranians (6%).

Journey in connection with family reunification
Family members of holders of the Residence Permit on the basis of asylum may be eligible for an asylum permit under certain conditions. The number of family members who came to the Netherlands in June (939) decreased significantly by 36% compared to the month before (May: 1,472).

The majority of family members who came in June (63%) has the Syrian nationality.




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