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Continual decrease in asylum applications

​The total influx of asylum seekers (first asylum applications, repeated requests for asylum and family members of asylum status holders) continued to decline in August.

​In February the influx was still 3,418, gradually decreasing to 2.264 in August. The biggest share in this has the number of first applications for asylum (60%).

First asylum applications
In the first eight months of this year, the IND received 9,722 first asylum applications. In the same period (January - August) in 2016 there were 11,337. In August, as in recent months, Syrian asylum seekers have the biggest share in this category. As regards nationality, in particular, an increase in the number of Moroccan asylum seekers and a decrease in the number of Georgian asylum seekers has been noted over the last 2 months.

Repeated requests for asylum
The number of repeated requests for asylum also decreased in the last 2 months. The total number of repeated asylum applications so far in 2017 is slightly higher compared with the same period (January - August) in 2016 - 1,370 resp. 1.093. Within this category, Afghan asylum seekers usually are responsible for most requests. Although Afghan asylum seekers were also responsible for most of the repeated requests in August, their number decreased in absolute terms relative to the month before.

Family reunification
Family members of asylum status holders may be eligible for a residence permit under certain conditions. In August, the number of family members who came to the Netherlands shows a slight decrease compared to the month before, but is the lowest in almost a year. Strikingly, the decrease in the number of family members with the Syrian nationality (still the largest group) is down to 400 people in August. Since February 2017, the number of Syrian family members of asylum status holders has dropped.

The appendix contains the relocation figures.


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