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Companies give applying online to the IND a 7.8 score

Last summer a customer survey commissioned by the IND was held among business customers such as companies and educational institutions.

​The purpose of the survey was to find out whether these customers are using the business portal to file digital applications. In addition they were asked why they did or did not use the portal. In total, 502 business customers participated in the customer survey.

Main findings

  1. The online services are given a 7.8 overall score.
    The IND is very pleased with this.
  2. The most important focus point mentioned by the respondents is that they do not have E-Herkenning ("E-Recognition"). E-Herkenning is the equivalent of DigiD for businesses and organisations, and it is required to log in to the portal.
  3. Many respondents are willing to file an application digitally if they can apply for E-Herkenning more easily. It can be difficult to obtain E-Herkenning. Often, the highest manager of an organisation has to give permission to apply for it.
  4. Respondents who only file a small number of applications per year have indicated that they do not think the benefits of applying for E-Herkenning outweigh the costs.
  5. Finally, the availability of the familiar paper application process is mentioned as a reason not to switch to digital application.

The IND wil get in touch with the respondents to incorporate their input into the further development of the business portal and the improvement of its online services.





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