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Changed regulation for the Asian catering industry as of 1 October 2019

​As of 1 October 2019, there is no longer a quota for the number of residence permits for employees in the Asian catering industry. A new condition is that the UWV must be notified of a vacancy three weeks in advance. Only then may an application be filed for a combined work and residence permit, a so-called GVVA.

hat does this mean?
Cooks working in a specialised restaurant in the Asian catering industry can be granted a combined permit as usual. The UWV assesses the labour market aspects. The criteria have been laid down in the Aliens Employment Act Implementation Regulations (RuWav). The employer must report an available vacancy at least three weeks before filing the application with the UWV Servicepunt Aziatische horeca (Asian Catering Industry Service Point).

Applying for an Asian catering industry GVVA 

The application process for a GVVA is as follows:

  • After receiving an application form, the IND assesses whether all required documents and supporting documents are there. The application form lists which documents and supporting documents must be enclosed.
  • The IND will then ask the UWV for a recommendation. The UWV will assess the employment-related aspects pursuant to the rules laid down in the RuWav and the other conditions of the Aliens Employment Act (Wav). After receiving the UWV recommendation, the IND will decide on the GVVA.
  • If all conditions are met, the IND will grant the GVVA for paid employment - Asian catering industry. This residence permit can be granted for up to 2 years.

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