Asylum statistics November 2017

​In the month of November the total asylum influx was 2,305.

Total asylum influx

In the month of November the total asylum influx was 2,305 (first asylum applications, repeat asylum applications, and family reunification). In comparison: a year earlier -  November 2016 - this figure was 4,004.  

First applications and applications for family reunification almost equal

The number of first asylum applications up to and including November 2017 amounted to 13,391; the number of persons travelling to the Netherlands for family reunification was 13,492.
In comparison:  in November 2016 the total number of first asylum applications was 16,770 and 9,498 persons travelled to the Netherlands for family reunification.  


In 2017 Syrian and Eritrean were the two nationalities that accounted for the largest number of asylum applications (10,296 and 3,497 respectively). It is also noted that in the month of November Eritreans made up 4% of the first asylum applications, whereas their portion of the total applications for family reunification was 43%.  

Relocation and resettlement

The appendices contain Eurostat's asylum statistics and relocation and resettlement statistics.


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