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Applying for your baby's residence permit online

​Have you had a baby? Then it's now possible to apply for a residence permit for your baby at our website instead of applying by post.

Nice and easy in this busy time, in which you need to take care of so many other things.

Applying online is ...

  • fast: you no longer have to send your application by post,
  • convenient: if you make an error in the online form, you will receive a notification, so you know right away when you filled in the application form correctly,
  • easy: you can file your online application everywhere and at any time.

Would you like to have more information?
Please  see our website for the conditions for this residence permit. This page also contains information on the procedure and costs.

Would you like even more speed and convenience? Please register on berichtenbox. This is your personal letter box, in which you receive all your government mail digitally, including IND's decision on your application.




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